Artistic Souls Gallery: Creating Artful Connections Worldwide

Detail of The Tortoise and the Hare, 12″ x 9″ x 0.75″ Acrylic on Canvas, private collection of Artistic Souls Gallery auction winner.

Artistic Souls Gallery is a wonderful Facebook group exhibiting the artwork of talented member artists from around the world. Artists are featured in one of two shows each month. These are auction format shows that are fast-paced and exciting. I am honored to have been a member artist since June 2020.

Leading up to each show, artists share their progress, and viewers can comment and request to be “Tagged” so they are notified when the artwork becomes available during the auction.

The group centers around creating artful connections between artist and audience. It can connect us to deep inner conversations that heal the hurts, celebrate the triumphs, and evoke memories of treasured moments. It can connect us to emotions, joyous flights of fancy, even to one another.

At Artistic Souls Gallery, it is our mission to

  • create meaningful, professional-quality art that connects
  • inspire meaningful conversations between artists and visitors
  • make fine art easily accessible worldwide through fun and fast-paced online auctions
  • have some fun and make lasting connections along the way

To view the show, visit: